Cafe Philosophy

"Café Philosophy" is really a compilation of thoughts, questions of purpose, and keeping strong and positive. It is a 50 year journey, so far.  It started in my early teens.  I share it because it is a journey that we are all on. Enjoy! 
all material Copyrighted by Scott Bortz 2010
Life is not safe, why not go for it.

The cost of true pioneering is having no guiding light


He who rides the bull will sometimes fall off.

Riding the bull is fun even when you are knocked off by a low branch… 
only you won’t appreciate it until later.


The wine goes faster, but nothing replaces a good gulp




it’s a learned form of thinking; and it absolutely works

If you look, you will find that it is truly a fine day today.

A wish:

May the spark of life excite your spirit.


You will usually receive the least you will accept!

Leadership is a radiation that effects people  -  very positive ESP


The logic of PMA (positive mental attitude)

Suffer your losses only if you must

Enjoy your victories as often as possible

If you can enjoy the bottom,

You are already at the top.


A man must outshine his possessions, with his deeds


Things a leader should develop:


Strong character

Logic to overcome fear

Positive attitude


Set goals  unrealisticly  high, you probably won’t achieve them all, but you may go much farther than realistically possible – mankind has been doing it since the dawn of time.


Going for it

It seems as though many people do not understand a person reaching out to fulfill what they imagine is their destiny.

It appears as if they are an egomaniac, or power hungry

When actually a person can become far more than they dream they can. As they go farther on, they can see farther ahead.

Stress of Life

Negative stress is a garbled message, confused purpose, lack of focus

Positive stress is steam pressure




Tribute 2003

Go Happily

Be bigger!

Much bigger!


All of the darkness in the world cannot overcome the light shed by a single candle. 



Negativity is the result of the mind’s inability to follow a problem through to it’s positive conclusion.

This is caused by inadequate facts, or low energy.

The solution is to gather facts, and raise energy level by eating or resting and relaxing.


Happiness is made of todays of happiness. Future conditions that are waited for, which will allow the achievement  of happiness are a fools errand.


Focus on now


Winning is little better than losing

The race is it!

Whether I win,

Or whether I loose

I have roared into this cosmos.


When you have exhausted all the possibilities, remember this –

You haven’t.
Thomas Edison



never give up

In the midst of the storm
Embrace the rage
Rather than attempt to resist the kited walls
Jan.9, 1982 on the wall at a lawyers office


To get out of the main stream
You must fight the current.


How to fight for life

Claw, grasp, grab, hug life.
If you’re knocked down, leap to your feet, growl , claw, rip, bite. If you can’t get up then wriggle, squirm or jerk down the road…
Rest is never that far away!



where one plus one equals three

Interdependence is the key to complexity.
An eye could not spend it’s time seeing if a foot would not walk, and a mouth eat, etc.

Not only must you learn to respect your neighbor, you must learn to rely on each other.

It’s the only way little cells turn into big things.


Two of life’s rarest pleasures:
One is the joy of reaching out to a friend in need

The other is the outreached hand of a friend when you are in need.

Big To Little

No single atom makes a universe
The universe could not exist without the single atom
All the power of the universe comes from the atom
In fact
Atoms working together



Intuition, ESP, getting outside “the box”

Life is a lot like sailing.  Some wind on your sail, and you’re going.  But the subtleties of how you set your sails is the difference between going and going fast.

Accelerate yourself!

As you bear up against challenges,  insights and possibilities will come to your disposal
The more you bear up, the more insights and abilities will be available
You will be able to tune into this as you reach each new threshhold



The most powerful rocket cannot reach it’s destination without a delicate guidance system.
The most sophisticated guidance system needs a powerful rocket to reach it’s destination

A will of steel should be carried out with a velvet glove.


Success is the movement from now to a worthwhile goal…
Not the achievement of the goal.

The shortest distance between two points is the truth.


-Trying to finally be where you want to be-
What you seek is not to be achieved
For the destination is only the end  of the ride.


What good you accomplish becomes part of your worth forever.
A moonlit night in 6/78 on the water in Seattle



If the world can’t treat you any better,
It will probably treat you worse.
Don’t be a fool.