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Take a look at some of the cafes we've built, and if you are interested in talking about your own cafe, click on the link to visit our business opportunity website.

Here are some of our recent projects

This is Boyertown, Pa.  We found a suitable spot, but it needed some imagination applied.  Windows were where we wanted the coffee bar, and the possibility of sidewalk seating was hampered by loud traffic and a narrow sidewalk.  Here are a couple of shots of the process. It turned out great!

This is inside Boyertown where the bar will be.
This is the outside of Boyertown before the porch. 
We recessed the glass and made it look like a restoration.

This is a nite shot of the porch.
Love that porch!

This is the bar on the wall where the windows were.

A new Hard Bean is born.


An Independent Cafe

This cafe was built as "Blend" Cafe for an individual working with a roaster that he particularly liked.

It was a hooka bar, and the old building needed some imagination and street presence.

The colors were a little dark and smokey from the hooka bar, and there was no real lighting.

We created a logo and put it on an awning to create visibility from the busy street

We brightened the colors, added track lighting and a hardwood floor.
An installation in an office building

It was a busy building with more than 300 tenants.  The only amenities were vending machines.  The space was in the lobby, and behind the wall was an under used room.

We took out the wall and put in the plumbing and electrical requirements.  We built a partial wall in front, then inserted the bar, deli case, and all the equipment.

Open for business


Here is a more conventional look for a coffee shop


Under construction right now.

This is where the coffee bar will be

This will be some seating.  The doors on the right lead to a very cool porch. This is at Lake Naomi Club in the beautiful Poconos of Pennsylvania.

Keep Watching - we'll post the progress!