About Our Coffee

What's So Great About Our Coffee?

Hard Bean Coffee Houses feature unblended coffees from all around the world. Most places use blends - Mornong Blend, Harry's Blend, etc. Now, there is nothimng wrong with blends, like a bottle of red wine;  But isn't it nice to taste a bottle of Vintage California Merlot.
That's what our coffees are all about Taste a coffee from Kenya, Africa, or from Costa Rica, in Central America, or Sumatra Mandheling dark roast, from Indonesia, or an Altura, from the hills of Mexico.  These are the coffees you can taste every day at Hard Bean, and they don't cost any more.

We also bring in interesting coffees from all over, on a weekly basis. So taste the best coffees from around the world in one of our shops, or order some on line.

 And watch for "Master Bean" who will guide you to some interesting and wonderful coffees.